Tiki Prints

I listed a couple of linocut prints on Etsy today- link below…

One is based on a Marupai- a magical object used by the tribal magicians of the Papuan gulf. They carve a design into a dwarf coconut, from the front it resembles a stylized human face and from the side an animal such as the wild pigs which are native to the area.
an oceanic tiki style lino cut based on a magic charm

The marupai serves many purposes including acting as a spiritual protector for the holder and allowing communication with the spirit world…

The other print is based on a section of carved board which I will post here sometime. It may hold magical significance but that’s for you anthropologists to decide.. ;]

A tiki oceanic style lincut based on a mask

Tiki prints by Atomic mess on Etsy


Mini Tiki

A couple of years ago I bought some pen blanks so could try out different woods quickly and cheaply. I got a box containing various blanks in cherry, beech, oak, sapele, iroko and ash. Pen blanks are a good way to do test pieces, plus you can try different designs easily and carve something quite quickly.

Mini Tiki carving in Ash
closeup of a mini Tiki carving
closeup of a mini Tiki carving

This gives you a sense of the scale-
A small Tiki carved in Ash

or does it?
A mini tiki carving in Ash