New ‘Ancestor Pole’ Carving

Hi All,

another carving comes off the production line, this one’s vaguely based on a New Guinea Asmat ancestor pole. The poles would be carved when a relative was killed or headhunted and would help the ancestor’s spirit to reach the afterlife across the sea. They often consist of stacked human and animal figures. It took a while to get this together due to various distractions and overall I’m happy with it but I still feel like I could have ‘escaped from the block’ a bit more…

Protruding tongues might seem comical to western eyes but they are a sign of strength and aggression in some Oceanic and Polynesian cultures, as you can see in this Maori Haka for instance.

The whole thing, it’s made from Mahogany and about 52 cm high…


Making a Korowai Shield in New guinea

Cool video showing the making of a Korowai war shield in western New Guinea. It’s amazing that they used to produce all their carvings using only bone chisels, stone axes and sea shells for finishing. The colours are also amazingly simple but really effective.