Marquesan style Tiki carving

Hi All,
Here’s another recent carving, experimenting with a few new ideas. The block in question was round rather than my usual square block and as well as this it had a strange texture on it, presumably put there by the wood turner I got the wood from…

round wood block with 'ribs'

As well as using an unfamiliar round block, I decided to try to add a Marquesan influence instead of my regular Papua New Guinea inspirations. Marquesan Tikis normally have minimal rounded eyes which are wrapped more to the sides of the head, unlike the forward facing PNG style eyes with their protruding concentric rings.

Marquesan style eyes also frequently feature a characteristic border ending in a double spiral.

Here’s my version-

Marquesan style Tiki

Marquesan style Tiki

Marquesan style Tiki

Marquesan style Tiki

He’s carved from Mahogany, about 20cm tall…



Tiki Frame

Hi All,

I thought I’d post some process pictures of the Tiki frame from my previous post.
I picked up this plain picture frame for a couple of quid at Oxfam-

It’s made of cheap pine and had a pretty boring stain applied…

I did a rough sketch and started carving-

When I finished carving I sanded off the finish-

and added my own-

New Tiki Prints

Hi All,
here are a couple of new prints I’ve been working on, once again inspired by the Marupai magical charms of Papua New Guinea.

Working on the lino block-

working on a tiki linocut

Nearly done…

working on a tiki lino print

Here’s an inked block of the other design-

An inked oceanic style lino block

the first of several test prints-

A lino print based on a Marupai charm

hanging out to dry on the production line…

Tiki lino prints hanging out to dry

one of the finished designs-

linocut of a Papua New Guinea magical charm

the other one, in a frame I bought from Oxfam and ‘upcycled’-

A framed tiki linocut print

Thanks for looking.