Papua New Guinea Style Tiki Carving

Here’s my latest carving, a Papua New Guinea influenced ancestor figure with a stylised bird running down the back.

The bird is based on a hornbill a native bird of New Guinea which often features in local carvings. The carving is just over 30cm high and made from mahogany. I named him ‘Vlad’ as he drank so much of my blood…


Tiki Pisco Decanter


I was recently given a bottle of Pisco Capel (thanks Dad!) which those of you ‘in the know’ will recognise…

a Pisco decanter in the form of an Easter Island MoaiPisco is a type of Brandy from Latin America. It often comes in promotional decanters— you can find Peruvian Pisco in Inca styled bottles for instance.

Pisco Capel is a Chilean brand and as Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is a territory of Chile, the bottle is in the form of an Easter Island Moai.

Pisco is not a traditional Tiki cocktail ingredient, but this bottle has made it a wanted item among Tiki mug collectors.

Brandy features in several Tiki drinks and as such Pisco can be substituted in classics like the Fog Cutter .

The more creative among you could even invent your own Tiki cocktail with Pisco.

I was thinking of turning this into a lamp (when I’ve finished the Pisco!) but on the other hand it seems a shame to start drilling holes in it…perhaps I’ll use it as a decanter for some fine Rum.

Pisco Capel is a Chilean BrandyPutney Farm has a Pisco punch recipe on their blog, as well as some other tasty looking Tiki Cocktails.

You could also try the classic Pisco drink, here’s a version for my Dutch friends—
Pisco Sour.