New Marquesan Tiki Carving

Hi All,

Here’s a recently completed Marquesan style Tiki.

20 cm high, Mahogany.

thanks for looking!


New Guinea Spirit Board

a relief carving with spiral designsHi All,

here are a couple of  relief carvings I made last year. They are based on Papua New Guinea Spirit boards and war shields.

Spirit boards or Gope boards are magical objects used in tribal rituals such as the initiation ceremonies of young men. Gope boards may also be used for protection from malevolent spirits and are even consulted on tribal matters such as warfare.

a relief carving featuring loops and roundelsThe carved designs represent ancestor spirits and it is believed that these spirits reside within the board. These spirits can give courage to the warrior who holds the board or shield and can even attack the enemy and sap his strength.

The boards are stored in the men’s house where they protect the sleeping warriors and are consulted about head hunting raids.

As with many other new Guinea objects, the boards serve a practical as well as a magical function. The elliptical style Gope boards are also used as shields for canoes during water based attacks.

The more rectangular shields are used in land based warfare involving spears, bone daggers and arrows.

Over time the shield is recharged through magic spells, rituals and repainting. These designs are carved into scrap wood I found and painted with acrylics.

Thanks for looking!