Mini Tiki

A couple of years ago I bought some pen blanks so could try out different woods quickly and cheaply. I got a box containing various blanks in cherry, beech, oak, sapele, iroko and ash. Pen blanks are a good way to do test pieces, plus you can try different designs easily and carve something quite quickly.

Mini Tiki carving in Ash
closeup of a mini Tiki carving
closeup of a mini Tiki carving

This gives you a sense of the scale-
A small Tiki carved in Ash

or does it?
A mini tiki carving in Ash

Tiki Tealight holder

Here’s a guy I finished about a year ago. He’s 25 cm tall and made of Mahogany, fantastic wood to carve, if only you could find it lying around on the street like all the crappy bits of pine I come across!

A tiki tealight holder

About Atomic Mess

I make tiki style wood carvings and prints. I’ve been carving for a few years on and off, but I’ve created alot of stuff so it seems the time to share it with you!

I’m influenced by all types of oceanic scuplture, but particularly scuplture and carvings from Papua New Guinea and the Cook islands. I try to put my own spin on them but I guess the origins are there to see for anyone who knows a bit about oceanic art.

I can’t remember when I first heard of Tiki, but it seemed a good fit for me as I love rum based cocktails, low lighting and surf music!
Anyway here’s a couple of pics of the kind of thing I make, enjoy!

A tiki style wood carving