Oceanic Textiles

I’ve been working on using some of the organic patterns from my prints to make a fabric design. Below is an initial sketch.

After scanning I had to do a bit of work to get the size right and make sure the repeat was invisible.

I used Fashion Formula to create the fabrics, below you can see three samples with different colour ways.

You can buy these by the meter at Fashion Formula. They also do ready made cushions and blankets.

Marquesan Tiki Prints

here are some ‘Tiki Modern’ style prints I’ve been working on.

Above you can see some of the many sketches, variations and experiments I did, with different colours, patterns and facial styles.

Once I am happy with the drawing, I scan it and trace it digitally. You can see the final artwork below.

a tiki modern style print featuring stacked Marquesan style faces in brown and turquoise

This print is available to buy at my Society 6 shop.