Screen Printing

Ocean Scene

Here’s another screen print, based on an ocean scene with influences from Papua New Guinea carvings and patterns. I made several sketches before settling on the final design.

The first image is the final sketch on which the print was based. I scanned it, cleaned it up and did colour separations on the computer. Two stencils were exposed, allowing me to make a 2 colour variable edition.

The final image uses a colour blend on one layer to give another variation.

I currently have one available in my Artfinder shop.

Thanks for looking!

Screen Printing part 2

The next technique we learned in our screen printing class was photo stencilling.

You can turn almost any image into a photo stencil, but  simple black and white images make it easy to produce a good stencil.

After some messing around in my sketchbook, I managed to scribble this on the back of an envelope.Marquesan style Tiki mask

I then traced it digitally and printed it onto tracing paper. You can use tracing paper or acetate as your ‘film positive’ to expose a screen.

Here are the final prints.

Screen print of a Marquesan style maskAn oceanic mask with tribal patterns