New Tiki Prints

Hi All,
here are a couple of new prints I’ve been working on, once again inspired by the Marupai magical charms of Papua New Guinea.

Working on the lino block-

working on a tiki linocut

Nearly done…

working on a tiki lino print

Here’s an inked block of the other design-

An inked oceanic style lino block

the first of several test prints-

A lino print based on a Marupai charm

hanging out to dry on the production line…

Tiki lino prints hanging out to dry

one of the finished designs-

linocut of a Papua New Guinea magical charm

the other one, in a frame I bought from Oxfam and ‘upcycled’-

A framed tiki linocut print

Thanks for looking.

New Tiki Print

Hi All,

I’ve been working on a new version of the print which was giving me trouble a few weeks ago – see previous post for more and I finally had some success with it.

I had to cut a new block (in lino this time) and buy some new paper (Zerkall).

Inking the block…

Inking a linocut

Here it is on the press…

lino block on a home printing press

Hanging out to dry…

tiki prints hanging out to dry

The finished print…

A tiki print based on a Marupai

I’ll list this is my Etsy shop soon!